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Audio Dressage

We are proud to be sponsored by Audio Dressage
Devised with the approval and accreditation of British Dressage as an excellent training aid for dressage riders of all levels.
The website enables riders to download any dressage test from the British Dressage, Pony Club or Riding Club catalogue onto their ipod or MP3 player.
The tests are recorded clearly in English, in real time, so that practice can be enjoyed without the need for a caller. Movements can be repaeated and perfected at leisure with the rider in total control. The rider can stop and restart at the touch of a button, and when the test is ridden from start to finish it will be done so at a pace that is in accordance with the test requirements. A sure way to higher marks!
So don't waste anytime visit www.audiodressage.com

Allen & Page Feeds

Keith's competition horses are very lucky to be assisted by Allen & Page Feeds who provide excellent quality feeds and feeding advice for his competition horses.
For the best feeds and advice pay a visit to www.allenandpage.com


Atacanter are pleased to announce that we are now the sole agent in the UK for Theault. Theault build the most desirable 2 stall horseboxes using the latest technology that results in a highly durable horsebox that is built to last. Atacanter can now supply you with new & 2nd hand sales alongside our existing horsebox hire business

From our branches in Cambridgeshire,Herfordshire and Oxfordshire, we can supply self drive horseboxes to East Anglia, Midlands, South of England, Cotswolds and the London Area.
Atacanter only have Theault Horseboxes as we believe they are the best 3.5 tonne horsebox available today. This ensures that you and your horses will travel in what is probably the safest, most modern horsebox that you can hire in the UK.

Theault are the strongest and safest 3.5t horseboxes available, collapsible breast bars and wide back doors are fitted as standard For more details go to www.atacanter.co.uk