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We are proud to be associated with the following individuals and businesses without whom our equestrian centre would not be the sucess it has become.

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Melissa Merridan BSc (Hons), P.G. Dip A.M, Reg B.C.M.A & M.A.A.

McTimoney Equine and Canine sports therapist

McTimoney Spinal manipulation aims to align and balance the animal's musculoskeletal system. By manipulating any misaligned joints throughout the whole body, with special attention to the spine and pelvis, it helps to both restore and maintain health, soundness and performance. It works holistically to eliminate the cause, not just treat the symptoms.

The treatment is very gentle due to the speed of the adjustments. Any misalignments are released without force, thereby relieving muscle spasm, pressure on the spinal nerves, and increasing blood flow so that healing can take place.